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Reluctant Rider Survives Silver Dollar City

Jul 24th, 2009 by Patch | 0

In order to be included in the discussions regarding the rankings of the Roller Coasters and rides at Silver Dollar City , I had to be brave and get on the rides to experience them first hand. I can say now, that I did have a lot of fun and am glad that I made the trip!

The first ride we went on, Powder Keg, and was probably a little too ambitious for this reluctant rider, but nothing like starting out with a bang! The ride was fast and bumpy and thankfully, was over with quickly!

The next ride we went on was Wildfire. I rode in the very back and this ride was a lot smoother than Powder Keg and I actually enjoyed myself! After getting off of the ride and seeing the line was not long, I even went for seconds! Bravery prevailed and I rode on the front seat this time. The front seat was a smooth ride as well and little scarier than riding in the back.

Right before lunch, we went on the Giant Barn Swing. The line was long, long , long and we waited almost an hour for the ride. Th ride was fun and scary but was way too short for the amount of time that we had to wait in line. Once the ride gets up to its full swing, it immediately goes back down and the ride is over. Kind of lame that it doesn’t swing back and forth at least 2 or 3 times before slowing down again. I will probably skip this ride in the future if the line is long.

After lunch we went to the area of the park known as “The Grand Exposition”. This is where all of the carnival type rides are located. Teach, Spider, and Huck joined me on the Tea Cups. This is the ride that almost did me in and I almost hopelessly done for the day! I forgot how fast you can get those darn cups spinning!

After the tea cups, Corky convinced me to go to Thunderation. This old time wooden coaster, with metal tracks, is fun and really tame compared to Powder Keg and Wildlfire. The line was really short so we went on a second time. The first time I road going forwards, the second time backwards. I definitely prefer riding forwards!!! Especially through the dark tunnel!

The reluctant rider’s ranking is as follows:

# 1 - Wildfire

#2 - Thunderation

#3 - Powder Keg

#4 - The Tea Cups

# 5 - Giant Barn Swing

This is it until Kamp 2010!!!!

Patch - signing out on my “brain jumbling” day :)