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Corky: SDC Day 2

Jul 14th, 2010 by Corky | 0

Today, the weather was very sunny and hot….and humid.  However, that did not prevent us from getting in many good rides on our second of the three planned SDC trips this Kamp season.  Not even the big crowds could keep me and Bobber off the rollercoasters, because for some odd reason everyone wanted to wait for the smelly water rides instead.  Either way, it was definitely a good day at Silver Dollar City.

It was tough for me to decide the rankings this week, due to a ride closure and a couple long lines.  The day kicked off to a good start on Powder Keg, however after waiting in line for a second ride, the people running the ride shut it down due to some maintenence issues.  It was kind of a let down for us, but we made our way back to Wildfire for five solid rides before the line grew out of the gates and into the doorway.  So we kicked it over to the Barn Swing where we waited in line twice for two good rides.  I made it back to Powder Keg after that, and waited in a line out the doors for one last ride before we headed for home (Bobber and Cookie hung back and took a few pictures)…..very worth it.  After all of this, I’ve come to a decision:

4th Place: ThuNderaTion (no rides again)

3rd Place:  Powder Keg (both very good rides, but it being shut down was pretty lame)

2nd Place: Giant Swing (two good rides, the line wasn’t horrible either)

1st Place:  Wildfire (five good rides, and the front seat was so fast)

Day #3 is a week from Saturday!  See you all there ;-)