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The Rankings…Week #2

Jul 16th, 2009 by Corky | 0

Hello Kampers! I have from the presses the rankings from our Second Official SDC trip. A fun time was certainly had by all….even accounting for the crowds and the cold weather (which normally would be welcome….not after a trip down both the American Plunge and the Waterworks Waterboggan). Although we only went on each ride once or twice, the rides we did take were as fun as ever for their own reasons….so on that note, lets look at the ranks according to moi…….

in fifth place—–FIRE IN THE HOLE has been added to the ranks for this week…Huck and I almost made it on the train before it shut down…again.

in fourth place—–THUNDERATION because the line was long and the ride we did take was as bumpy as usual…I predict that ThuNderaTion will not be a contender in this years rankings.

in third place—–WILDFIRE has slipped two places in the ranks, due to only one train going, causing long waits and short rides.

in second place—–POWDER KEG is once again in a very close second place, falling just short of the first place contender this week. A very smooth front seat first train ride (yeah, we are awesome) almost put the Keg in first…..until we decided to ride again and have a much less smooth ride).

and in first place—–THE GIANT BARN SWING is my first choice for rides this week….the lines were really short, the rides were really fun, and we all wanted so bad to go back for another ride, which we actually did do. All good qualities for a first place at the end of the season…….we’ll see. Look out Powderkeg, the Swing may be a big contender for first this year!

yes, another great trip to SDC, even if I still feel the rain welded into my skin from the Giant Swing…..hopefully the next trip will bring better weather and even more rides! See you next week Kampers, Corky