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Mania…Times Two

May 11th, 2009 by Corky | 0

Howdy kampers….

More news from the homefront. First off, a very happy mothers day to all, a very happy day indeed. I had another hockey tournament this last sunday. here’s how it played out…

The first game, we won it easy (I’m pretty sure it was a 4-2 victory). The second game, by far the hardest game of the tournament (against our bitter rivals, the Flames…here’s a background check-their coaches are jerks and they play dirty) we lost it in overtime 5-4. The third game we defeated the Lightning Strike team 6-2, a nice win. The fourth and final seeding game we mercied the Cougars twenty five seconds into the second period 9-1. keep in mid this is the Cougars team we faced in the championship last time (and kicked their patooties then too). Due to seeding and tournament rules, blah blah blah, we were the number one seed in the championship, to face the number two seed (and we were the only team to beat them) the Lightning Strike again. Well, all I have to say is, they pretty much lost their game when we beat them the first time (it was another mercy win, 10-2) ouch, man. We pretty much kicked their butt. Suckers. We scored the last goal to complete the mercy rule (which is an eight goal lead after the first period). After celebrations ensued, we went to the trophy room near the front entrance of the rink and collected our medals. But it was kind of weird, this time anyway. See, last time, we just got our little medals and had out pictures taken my the parents, yadda yadda yadda. But the dude who was running the tournament, after the medals were handed out and the MVP awarded, he started talking about how awesome “this goalie’s” stats were, and how “he was by far the best in the tournament”. Well, by this time I was sorta like “huh?” Yeah. turns out they have another trophy for the best goalie in the tournament or the Most Valuable Goalie (MVG). Turns out that guy was me. Huh. Crazy stuff. So now, hanging by the first place medal on the wall in my room is this cool plaque thing, my MVG award. Yay!

Shifting gears here…