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RC Nationals

Jun 25th, 2009 by Corky | 0

Hello Kampers, Corky here…

Figured I’d fill in on the latest hockey news…placed second in the RC National Tournament! (And don’t ask what “RC” stands for, I have no idea!) Really fun tournament full of rival (beat the Flames) and rage (losing the championship game) and anger (at the idiotic refs who missed some pretty big calls, almost cost us the Flames game). All in all, silver ain’t that bad :). Also I was named the best goalie in the tournament by winning the Goalie Skills Competition (sort of like the NHL All Star Game for goalies) where all the shooters take shots on the goalies and whoever gives up the least amount of goals wins (I only gave up three!!). In turn, the prize was a nice practice jersey and a set of pink goalie wheels (oh spare me the joy…)

Figured if you all didn’t already know, you may want to be filled in! I totally can’t wait for Kamp this year, all the fun of the boat and the water (and the rollercoasters)…started the boat test course so I can take the wheel for Cookie on the lake (but only if Cookie is okay with giving up the wheel!)

Love, hugs, and a silver medal…Corky

PS look for the coaster blogs this summer!